DCFS Defense

Abuse & Neglect

Abuse and Neglect Attorney An encounter with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) can be one of the most disruptive situations that any family or childcare provider can face. If you are being investigated by DCFS, please take this matter seriously. Your family might be at risk of separation or your professional license could be at stake. A number of scenarios can lead to an DCFS investigation of abuse and/or neglect including:

  • misunderstanding in the emergency room or doctor’s office
  • allegation of domestic violence
  • allegation of parental drug abuse
  • failed adoption
  • juvenile delinquency
  • school discipline
  • allegation of sexual misconduct

You are Entitled to a Lawyer

Timely and informed intervention and/or advice from a professional who has been working in this unique field can help resolve the matter before serious harm is done to your family or career. Your relationship with your children is constitutionally protected. You have a fundamental right to an attorney who can advocate on behalf of you and your family.

Fighting DCFS is a Highly Specialized Skill

Kent Dean is one of the few private attorneys regularly practicing in this field of law in Illinois. He understands exactly how to both communicate effectively with Illinois DCFS and how to establish strategic alliances to keep your family out of juvenile protection (DCFS) court. But, if you find your family in front of a judge, Kent Dean has had thousands of appearances in juvenile court. He is the attorney you want. He keeps families together and saves careers.

Why Hire The Law Office of Kent Dean

  • Winning track record of keeping families together.
  • One of the only private attorneys in Illinois with the skills, experience, knowledge and contacts to work effectively in this specialized area.
  • Unique blend of crisis management skills, social work experience and a thorough understanding of the law.
  • Advocate for families who will work tirelessly to ensure your family emerges as emotionally intact as possible.

Law Office of Kent Dean Success Stories

Due to the often extremely personal nature of DCFS related matters and the obvious involvement of minors, it seems inappropriate to make even vague reference to one case or another.

What I can say is that over the years I have had the great satisfaction of helping to keep children home with timely and strategic intervention when possible, or temporarily with family or a good approximation of “normal” for the children when necessary. In more dire matters, sometimes only after protracted legal wrangling and state involvement. I would not wish any of these on any family not already beyond repair.

I have seen the least of us and the respected professional, lambs and brutes alike all accused of the most horrible of crimes against children, sometimes against their own. There have been times I have been able to help innocent people get back a measure of their dignity by restoring their standing with the State.

Reputations and careers are built over years and lost in an instant. I say if you are facing the loss of either – fight it. Having “something on record in Springfield” is often far worse than a criminal conviction for people who care for or live with children.

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