Nearly 20 Years of Criminal Defense Experience.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the Cook County court system, criminal defense attorney Kent Dean knows what works. He is a formidable opponent with a winning track record who vigorously defends his clients and stands by them from case initiation to resolution. In every matter, he conducts thorough investigations and extensive legal research to give his clients an edge.

As a talented mediator as well as a fierce litigator, Mr. Dean has an unparalleled ability to build relationships or face down adversaries and most importantly to know what each situation calls for. This unique skill is particularly crucial in his work involving the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) matters. That’s why he is one of the few private attorneys in Illinois with the knowledge and experience to protect you and your family.

Why Hire the Law Office of Kent Dean?

tickbox      Keen understanding of the law
tickbox      Reputation for being a fierce advocate for clients
tickbox      Compassionate and honest
tickbox      Dedicated to providing personal service
tickbox      Nearly 20 years of experience

Mr. Dean is the attorney you want when it matters most. Call 708-948-7690 to speak directly with Mr. Dean. You will be grateful that he’s on your side.

 DUI Defense


Illinois DUI Roadmap: Your pathway through a complex process

People often think that responding to a DUI charge is simple. It is not. DUIs trigger involvement with numerous entities and require rigorous, continuous attention. Explore our DUI infographic to educate yourself on the complex process from arrest to the ramifications of repeat offenses. Then, call Mr. Dean to help you navigate the road ahead at 708-748-7690.